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The Right Down Euclid Staff

Zak Kolesar, Co-Editor  - After finding out about FanSided.com through an internship opportunity at his college, Ohio University, Zak was brought on during the 2011-12 NBA season to be a blogger for Right Down Euclid. After a few months on the job, he was then assigned to be the editor of the site. Growing up in a suburb of Cleveland, he has seen the best and worst of the Cavaliers, but will still watch his team through thick and thin. Along with being apart of the FanSided family, Zak is also a beat writer for the Ohio Bobcats football team at Speakeasy Magazine and the Entertainment Editor for Backdrop. You can reach out to Zak on Twitter at @Kolestarz.

Please contact Zak about any site inquiries or requests at [email protected]

Chris Manning, Co-Editor - Chris is a journalism major and an English minor at Ohio University and joined the website in the summer of 2012. Growing near Cleveland, Chris has seen the Cavaliers at their best and worst, namely suffering through the Ira Newble era. He has a passion for writing, reading fiction, rap music and mixed-martial arts. Outside of Right Down Euclid, Chris works for Backdrop in Athens, where he serves as Sports Editor and a feature writer. He also co-hosts Octagon Control, an MMA podcast. You can reach out to Chris on Twitter at @cwmwrites.

Please contact Chris about any site inquires or requests at [email protected]

Trevor Magnotti, Staff Writer - Trevor is a graduate of North Central College and is currently attending Ohio University as a graduate student. He joined the website in March of 2013. In addition to his passion for the NBA, Trevor also enjoys college football. You can reach out to Trevor on Twitter at @Tmagnotti.

Kevin Stankiewicz, Staff Writer - Kevin is the youngest member of the Right Down Euclid staff, at 17 years young. He has been craving a career in the field of journalism for the past two years, and RDE is the high school senior’s first real taste of it. Kevin hopes to attend The Ohio State University after he graduates from high school. You can reach out to Kevin on Twitter at @kstankruns310.

Mike Schreiner, Staff Writer - Mike is a huge fan of the Cavaliers and all Cleveland sports teams, having lived in the Cleveland area his entire life. A graduate of Wilmington College and Ohio Dominican University, Mike enjoys reading, exercising, and spending time with his family and friends. You can reach out to Mike on Twitter at @Clevefan78.

Hiroki Witt, Staff Writer - Although only 18 years old, Hiroki has been ingesting a high volume of sports information since being in elementary school. As a result of not having a personal computer until his junior year of high school and never having cable TV (and thus ESPN), Hiroki has become adept at learning sports information in different ways than just through the television and the Internet. He is not a one-trick pony, being an avid fan of baseball, football and basketball and gradually branching out into hockey, soccer and track. Hiroki is a huge fan of using statistics in his arguments, thus his articles will often use numbers. He also enjoys talking about what other people are not and he always enjoys bringing attention to a topic he believes people should be talking about. He is very vocal about his opinions and aims to make people see a different view through his writing. You can reach out to Hiroki on Twitter at @The_HBomb.

Marlowe Alter, Staff Writer - Marlowe graduated from Ohio University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism. His passion for sports is intense. Some of his early sports memories include attending Donovan McNabb’s first career start and watching the underdog Sixers shock the world in Game 1 of the 2001 NBA Finals (actually I only saw the first quarter live before I was dragged off to bed). His eighth grade graduation speech focused solely on his beloved inspirational hero, Allen Iverson. He also used to get emotional when the Eagles and Phillies won big games in the playoffs…wait, he still does. He also likes to analyze the execution of a particular play and study why it worked. Sam Hinkie is his savior. You can reach out to Marlowe on Twitter at @MarloweAlter.

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